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Specialities according to Season

Lamb, chanterelles, carp, goose and more.

Depending on the time of year, we shall indulge you with the most diverse selection of seasonal Franconian specialties. You’ll get young tender lamb at Easter, we serve the finest asparagus from the region along with fresh wild garlic from April/May.

In the summer months, there are various chanterelle specialities for all mushroom lovers. We bring in the third part of the year with delicious porcini mushroom dishes and we enjoy fine dining from and with pumpkins at harvest time. It goes without saying that, during the autumn and winter months, we will serve you with crispy-baked Franconian carp and carp fillets. Finely roasted goose and duck are served during the advent period. You will even find Franconian specialties & seasonal hearty deer with fresh dumplings on the menu.

Seasonal specialities

Of course, we also offer our steak specialities from delicately-matured angus beef as well as Schnitzel variations of pig and veal from the region with diverse & seasonal fresh side dishes, all year round.